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成立於2003年,由邵美君、梁祖堯及湯駿業創辦。劇團以香港為創作基地,製作多元化舞台演出,一方面以不同形式創作具有本土特色及與香港人心靈緊扣的作品;為觀眾開拓新的觀賞角度,讓他們感受劇場內那份像「草」一 般的無比生命力。



所以我們相信奇蹟, 因此美好是可以創造的 !



About Windmill Grass Theatre
Established in 2003, Wind Mill Grass Theatre was founded by Shaw Mei-kwan, Joey LEUNG and Edmond TONG. Using Hong Kong as a creative base, the Theatre aims at producing diversified stage performances in different forms, which can bring out the local characteristics and are closely related to the spirit of the locals. In addition, the Theatre aims at exploring new visions for the audience, and let them feel the energy inside theaters, which resembles the invincible vitality of the “Grass”.

Windmill Grass Theatre Motto
We are not huge. We just aim at reaching the best in the worst circumstances.

That’s why we believe in miracles. That’s why beauty can be created.

Theatre is a place for spiritual exchange.

Drama is a diary which records the lost affections in life.


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